North Korea's Open Threat to the United States

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North Korean state television launched a missile attack on Thursday to intimidate the US. North Korea has issued an intimidation threat to the Guam Islands attack on US power Thursday. The western Pacific Ocean region is Guam Island. This is part of American power. About 3,500 km from North Korea The country has released a plan to launch this island offensive.

North Korea's state television has launched an attack plan with detailed diagrams and explanations. Guam is an autonomous region, but under the control of the United States. America's allies have long been abandoned on Guam Island to break the offensive of the enemy from the Pacific Ocean. The United States has developed a highly capable defense base, including long-distance flights and submarines.

In this situation, North Korea has released a comprehensive plan to attack Guam. North Korean missile chief Kim Rock-ki Yom said:

The announcement by the US drummer Trump last Thursday was just a stumbling block. It is impossible to negotiate with non-neutral people. A plan to accurately attack the Guam island of the US. The project will be completed within the middle of August.

Four missiles simultaneously will be issued during the Guam Island attack. The missiles will fly over the airspace of Japan's Shimane, Hiroshima and Koizi and attack Guam Island. The missiles will fly in 17 minutes, 45 seconds in the air. After launch, 3,356.7 km The distance is 30 km from Guam Island. First 40 km Let us fall into the sea far away. If you want you can increase the goal.

This comprehensive attack plan is to be given for review by Chancellor Kim Jong-Un. North Korean Defense Forces Missiles Division commander said security forces will take the next step in his direction. President Trump warned last Wednesday that the US would carry out a nuclear attack on the country if it did not abandon North Korea's weapons inspection plans. The next day, North Korea's comprehensive attack plan was announced.

Trump stated that the nuclear weapons capability of the United States is far more than ever. North Korea will face a fierce attack that the world has not seen so far. Last July, North Korea successfully tested two powerful continental-fired missiles. And has successfully launched several types of missiles. North Korea has achieved nuclear weapons capability, with the potential to pay off a continental rocket. The country is claiming that it has the ability to target any part of the US. Western security experts have been convinced that it is not just spoken and North Korea's attackers are genuine.